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Final Logo Project


For the final logo design project I decided to create an event in the state of Washington, promoting college fitness. My topic for the course is fitness, and being a college student myself I created an event for college students all over the state. I wanted to target college students going through the same fitness struggle I am, and I wanted to offer a solution. By creating a fitness event campus wide and a design for it, I hope to eliminate the fear of the “freshman fifteen”. For my logo, I wanted a simple design that could be recognized easy, and was easy to like. I really enjoyed the tutorial I created weeks earlier, so that was the basis for starting my logo. I used mostly green for the colors, because our state is known for its many different shades of green. I looked up many different sporting events when researching for my logo. The general consensus was a similar design and colorful images. I wanted to focus on my own state, using the outline of Washington and schools I know within it. I used the colored dots to represent each university based on their own school color and location. When laying out the design for my logo, I focused on balance, and a brand that could be mass produced. I began by using the state of Washington as the center point of the logo. Once my text was added and centered over the state, I incorporated the dashed lines to even out the circle and balance the logo overall. I made sure that everything within the circle was center and did not distract from the text above. I kept the image simple by having all the text above the image, so that it is easy to recognize and individuals could know what it was just by seeing it.

All the elements in my logo were my own except for the outline of Washington state. This image I got from Pinterest and used the pen tool to trace. After I had the outline of the state, I began adding the detail to my project. I started by creating two circles around the state, one just a tiny bit bigger than the other. After I had both circles placed, I used the type on a path tool to put in the name of the event. I changed the type and size of this font, and then centered it by going to object > transform > rotate. I then took the second outer circle, held down shift, and expanded it to cover 1/2 of the text I had just created. With the circle selected, I went to the stroke panel and changed the width to 30. I then changed the dash length to 12 to create a gap between the new line. I then used the scissors tool and selected two points on both sides of the dash so that it stopped right before the words. Selecting the top half I hit delete, and had the perfect look I wanted. I then made sure to make all aspects of my image proportional by going to object > expand and making sure all aspects were selected before hitting ok. I then changed the color of the lines to a light green to contrast the gradient used on the Washington state outline. I finally adjusted the width and color of the third line by first using stroke and then adjusting the color to a dark green to contrast the other shades of green within the image. Within the Washington State outline, I used a green gradient, and then used the elipse tool to create circles to represent the universities. Each color, is the school color for that university. I used the text tool and matched the size and type of the name of the event to write, 2017, under the state. I struggled a lot with the type on a path tool. More specifically moving it and making it center. I had to use the shortcut above, and was unable to simple drag it over using the anchor. Anyone who struggles doing this, I would suggest using the shortcuts because they are easier to do and have the same outcome. I also struggled with the stroke tool, more specifically the dashes. It was difficult to get the right look for the dashed lines and it took me many different tries to get the right thickness. My suggestion for those who struggle with this is to continue to add 1 until you get the look you want. Do not jump between sizes as it makes it hard to go back and find the right look. Overall this project was very difficult and time consuming but I am very happy with the outcome of my logo.

Baylee Bamford

Pinterest link used for outline of Washington State. 


Logo Draft


For my draft I decided to design a logo for an event that could possibly be used for a shirt, or for the advertisement of the event itself. With my topic being fitness, I found it easy to create a fitness event that could possibly benefit college students all across Washington. I wanted to target college students for this project, as it is easy for me to connect with them on a personal level when it comes to healthy habits. Being in college, it is difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. By creating a state wide competition or event between the big universities, it will cause nation wide spread and hopefully get more college students in better shape. Eliminating the fear of the “Freshman fifteen” theory. I researched many different fitness logos and events, and all the designs were very simple and to the point. I wanted to capture the simplicity of these by keeping my colors, text, and shapes all very similar and important. I also made sure to keep the text all the same but change the size depending on spacing and location of the words. Each college is represented by its school colors, and is identified underneath to allow the viewer to know which colleges are involved. The lines connecting them are to show the unity within the state, and the connection behind these four unique schools. The name of the event is very simple and easy to understand, and reaches out to all of Washington state to spread awareness to the masses. I decided to outline the state with the name of the event, as it is the most significant part but should also interact with the rest of the design. I used a negative space for my image, by placing the text mostly to one side of the image, I drew attention to it, but did not distract from the rest of the logo. I also kept it simple so that it could be mass produced, and was easy to recognize as I would want the event to take off nation wide. It is also very unique, and there not been another event like this in the state to create a logo anything like mine. I also made sure to keep the text clear and easy to read, as it is the most valuable source of information in the image to broadcast the event.

I collected the outline of the State from Pinterest (link posted below) and began editing. I began by placing the image on a new layer by going to file place, and holding down the shift I sized the image to fit the blank sheet. I then locked that layer, and created a new blank one above it. Using the pen tool, I outlined the shape of the state as best as I could. I made sure to keep the default color and settings so that I could still see the shape even after I was finished tracing with the pen tool. I then filled in the shape with the color I saw fit (green is a good representation of our state with all the natural beauty), and hid the original photo layer in the layers panel by deselecting the eyeball icon. I then used the text tool to add in the logo name. I changed the size and text style by selecting type in the toolbar. Once I had the correct size, type, and wording, I used the move tool to place the words in the correct and most efficient location. I then used the ellipse tool to create the circles in the locations of the campuses across the state. I changed the fill color in the main toolbar to match the school colors for each university. I then used the text tool again the the same process to label each university. Once all of these steps were complete, I decided to add a little extra to the background color by using a gradient. I selected the background, selected the gradient box under the list of fill colors and adjusted the gradient to how I wanted it. I then double clicked on the boxes under the arrows that control the levels, and changed the colors to a light a dark green to have a progression of colors throughout. This increased the level of difficulty, but it also improved the overall flow and look of the image. I struggled with the pen tool and the gradient tool very much throughout this draft. The pen tool was very touchy and was hard to get a decent line that followed the outline of the shape exactly. I would suggest to others when using this tool to go slow and be cautious of where you are dropping the dots to mark the shape. It is very hard but can be done if you just take your time. With the gradient tool, it was very hard to get an exact color and look that I wanted. Even after adjusting the color levels, it was hard to get the right blend. My suggestion to others when using this technique is to focus on getting a good flow between colors before adjusting the layers and shades between them. Overall, it was very easy for me to do my logo because I wanted it to be simple and easy for someone to recognize.

Baylee Bamford

Pinterest link used for outline of Washington State. 


Logo sketch draft

I have designed a few different types of logos I can create for my final project this unit. Each is for a different type of logo to give me numerous options for my purpose and target audience. IMG_3788.JPG

Illustrator Tutorials


Final Draft Unit 1

Final draft project 1.jpgMy initial draft of this project was a great start, but it did not cover everything I wanted to include in my project. I had a lot of the general images and information completed, however to make a brochure I needed more information about the ideas being presented in each image. To edit my rough draft to finalize it, I added more text. I used the text tool to describe each location and how it relates to fitness. I then used the box tool to create a colored background on the text and added a white box to make to pop against the other text and the images. When given feedback, the biggest and most important ideas were to make it more like a brochure and make my title fit what I was explaining. I made the tittle bigger and more simple so that it really brought attention to my whole idea. I also tried to make the size of each image more similar to overlap with all three images to create a better proximity between the images.With the text, I added more general information to match the idea of a brochure better, as the whole idea of the project was to highlight activities on campus used to keep in shape. I decided to keep my background image the same, because the campus and college students was what I wanted to target, not just the gym. The basic idea behind my design was to keep it simple and easy for all students to follow. I kept the colors all the same, and all related to school colors on campus. I made the image descriptions smaller than the titles of the images because I wanted to draw the attention to each before you read what each one was about. All the images were my own, and I kept it specialized to the things I do on campus to keep in shape. While there are plenty more options, these are the most easy ways I could think to help all college students get in shape. I basically kept my original design because I thought it was a great start, but I did add more just to make it more effective and to give it a stronger impact. I began this process with original photos taken by me throughout the week, basically whenever I was working out. With that, I began my project, taking the campus picture as my main background and adding in my three separate images using the place emblem tool. One each image was on the background image, I added text using the text tool, and the box marquee tool to add a fill color for each. I also created a title using these tools, and one each was finished I added boarders to the descriptive text, images, and title. I did this by going to layer > layer style > stroke. I adjusted my settings to 20 px, went to drop shadow, and changed the percent to 35% and made sure the color was white. Once this was done I hit ok for each, creating a nice boarder to each image. I then went to edit > transform > and rotate, to edit each image and rotate them to get some interest and more creative style behind my design. Once these things were complete I made sure to adjust the brightness and hue/saturation of my image to make sure it was perfect for what I wanted to say. After all of this was complete, and after evaluating my final draft, I have decided that I have created a brochure to explain different places on campus students can go to get in shape. Which was my overall goal of this project all along.

Graphic Design draft

graphic design draft.jpgFor this unit 1 project I decided to create a brochure advertising all the different types of workouts the typical college student could do. My project would be the cover, and within the brochure it would explain each picture and how they relate to a typical college student, much like myself. For this blog, I wanted to focus on my fitness journey in college and how anyone can workout and be fit while dealing with school, work, and social events. I focused specifically on the things I do to stay in shape, and how they are offered and can be done by any college student. I was inspired by pinterest posts on physical activity and in home workouts that are simple and easy to do. The three images I collected are all things that anyone can do, and are offered to all college students university wide. I researched many different kinds of workouts that anyone could do at home and included them with a set of personal hand weights anyone can purchase. I chose the campus as my background image because I specifically wanted to target students in college, to reflect my own self journey. The other three images used are all things I personally do on a weekly basis to stay in shape. I currently attend the university recreation center 4-5 days a week and workout for 1-2 hours. I always begin with cardio, usually starting on the track with a jog. I included this image because walking and running is a very easy way to lose weight and tone your body. I also pay for university recreational classes, more specifically hot yoga two times a week. For twenty dollars I received three months of classes twice a week, each session lasting one hour. I decided to take this class to increase my flexibility and improve my core. These types of classes are great for students who want to go the extra mile and actually be given a set workout, instead of building their own at the gym. The final image I included is what I refer to as my “booty jar”. It is a jar filled with workouts I can complete at home, and every night I draw out three different workouts and complete them before going to sleep. Whether it be squats, bicep curls, or crunches, the jar includes a variety of easy and simple activities anyone could do. When constructing my project I wanted to focus on proximity of my images as well as similarity, text, and color. When looking at the proximity of my images I made sure to keep my images all close together and at one half of the image so they are the main focus of the piece. I then attempted to keep them at a similar size and shape to have them appear as if they all belonged together and made sense with the other images. I then focused on the colors and the text aspect of my project, making sure to use contrasting colors and strong text to show what my project was all about.

I collected these images throughout my week, taking pictures every time I worked out. Whether I was walking on campus, at the gym, or in my bedroom I saw opportunities to capture images of things important to me and my routine when working out. I began constructing my project by taking the base layer and adjusting the lighting, hue/saturation, and the layers. I then added in my individual photos and began editing each on individually by layer. I took each and adjusted the brightness, and hue/saturation so each had a bright and colorful appearance. I then added borders to each of the individual images by using layer, and then stroke and drop shadow to create a nice white border for each image. I continued my project by adding captions to each photo, using the rectangle tool and creating boxes for each of the three images. I chose to use a crimson fill color to reflect my own school colors, and placed them on each image to explain what each image was. I followed this step by using the text tool and wrote the description for each image. Once I completed the text for each image I used the move tool to place them over the crimson boxes and used a white color for contrast with the light background and dark colored boxes. While I did not have many issues constructing my project, I did struggle with the order of the layers and making sure I was editing the correct one. It was also very difficult to resize my images to make sure they were clear and visible but did not overlap with one another. Unfortunately, while I was able to resize them down eventually, there was no way to avoid overlap and tell what the images were reflecting. For anyone else who struggles with these steps, my best advice is to take a deep breath, calm down and focus on one thing at a time. Trying to do multiple edits can get confusing and causes error.

Image Collection unit 1

These photos I have selected for my image collection. I want to target college kids to show easy workouts they can do in school to keep in shape and overall improve their self image. FullSizeRender.jpgimg_3664IMG_3668.jpgIMG_3670.jpg

Photoshop tutorial assignment

These are my completed photoshop tutorial pictures…. tutorial 2 .jpgtutorial 3.jpgtutorial4tutorial 5.jpgLAYER ASSIGNMENT 1.jpg

My Fitness Journey

I have decided to blog about my personal fitness journey, following the steps to a happy and successful life. I picked this topic because it is something very important to me, and is something I want to focus on throughout my life. I believe that being healthy and active enforces a happy state of mind and can give you all the necessary joys out of life. I plan on collecting original material by attending physical education classes, speaking with personal trainers, talking to local students who work out weekly, as well as following my own workout and meal plans and how I improve my lifestyle in a positive way.

For my research I plan on communicating with many outside sources to not only discuss fitness techniques, but the effect they can have on an individual. For the audio story unit, I intend to speak with personal trainers here on campus, as well as students who participate in physical activity on a weekly basis. I want to reach out to all types of fitness from yoga to crossfit to explain how each type of activity effects a different part of the body and mind. For the video portion of the class, I plan on interviewing students on campus, and also focusing on my transformation from the beginning of the semester until the end. I intend to tell a story of how getting into shape and eating healthy can improve your self-worth and overall create a happy attitude towards life.,,20788704,00.html

The first link I attached to this post involves the positive effects working out can have in all aspects of your life. Whether it be stress, improving your self image, or just enjoying life, physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle can impact all of these things greatly. My personal favorite is using exercise to reduce stress in school, I attend the gym 4 times a week to help me sleep better and get better grades on my assignments.

The second link I attached is an article found on pinterest, which lists 50 ways to live a healthy lifestyle. You do not always need to workout in order to be healthy. This link provides lifestyle changes in everyday life that improves positivity and overall well being. My favorite example from this link is number 38, Dance often. Dancing is the perfect way to not only improve overall happiness but it is something you do not have to be good at to do. Sleeping more and drinking lots of water are also very important to a healthy lifestyle.

The last link I decided to include in this post was a list of workouts you can complete at home. Most people now a days think you need a gym membership in  order to exercise. This is a false assumption and I think it is important to highlight the things you can do at home to improve your body image and again live a healthier life. I think it is very important to carry over healthy habits into your home life. Even if you go to the gym every day, if you do not follow the other steps listed in the previous links, you are not actually helping your body. It all relates and balances each other, which is why it is so important to follow all steps not just some. I personally enjoy doing squats in my free time at home, lifting dumbbells while watching television, and occasionally doing crunches if I have not worked out that day.

The most important thing to remember is to do what is comfortable to you. Do not push to hard because injuries can occur. It is all based on you personally and what you can do with that ability. It takes time and effort to improve your body image and even longer to have the confidence to show it off, but everything takes time and in the end you are happier and will live a longer, and in my opinion, a better life.

I plan on posting picture updates with my progress as well as new food options, workouts, and ways I have been improving myself personally.

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