I have enjoyed many different aspects of this class, and learned quit a bit of new information. My favorite project this yeas was the adobe audition project in unit three. I felt as though I really understood this unit as well as the program itself. The tutorials were very fun, and the directions were very clear to understand. When it came time to do my project, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I planned out my recordings, and what my topic would focus on, and then began recording. I created a set of interviews with random college students, commenting on the exercise capabilities Washington State University possess. I had a fun time editing the clips, and creating an interview helpful to many students here on campus. I also enjoyed the unit 1 project using adobe photoshop. While I did not receive the best grade on this project, I had a lot of fun using photo shop and the different tools. I have used this program before, so it was fun to learn new things and try different styles of tools I was not used to. This project was also very straight forward, and while hard to decide on a specific topic, it was easy to create the vision I had in my head.

I have taken away many skills from this course in which I will use in the future. I have learned the proper techniques on using copyrighted material, how to film and record both video and audio footage, as well as create images for branding. Being a PR major in communications, it is important for me to know how to properly brand and represent myself, as well as others. I know am able to navigate multiple adobe programs, as well as blog, and create a strong public image based on a specific topic. I hope to be able to use these sets of skills in later communications classes. Specifically Com 475, in which you create different forms of media based on athletics. My dream career is to be able to manage athletes public image. I want to be in charge of interviews, social media, as well as what ads and campaigns they appear in. Being able to create logos, advertisements, as well as video stories will only help me further my career. I think it was very important for me to learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of each section, and what skills are important to use when creating these forms of media. I believe that the adobe photoshop unit was the most helpful for me and for my career path. Branding and advertising for clients is a huge aspect of what I want to do, and this unit taught me what skills I need for this.

I believe that this coursework gave me a wide variety of new skills I did not have before. I wish it would have had a little more advice and focus on blogging techniques, for those interested in journalism. I also wish we would have spent more time on each unit, or eliminated one of them. The illustrator unit was very difficult to grasp, and while it is an important thing to learn, it was hard to do in such little time. I am very happy with the skills I took away from this class, and while I did not learn a lot of different tools, I was given the starting basis for each program and can explore from there.

I mostly used the resources and videos given in class to help me with the course material. However, I found it helpful to use Adobe tutorials for tools, or design techniques that I did not understand. Also watching youtube videos and googling specific tips on things I did not understand helped me improve the overall quality of my projects.

While this class was very difficult for me, it was very beneficial to take. I do not plan on doing much video or audio work in my future career, but having this skill set is always a plus. I really enjoyed getting to create a blog, and produce my own line of work. I hope to continue learning about these programs, and hopefully can apply them to future courses and my career later on.