I have decided to to a story following campus fitness with a couple interviews included. Here is my storyboard outline with what I plan to do for my project. Also included is two raw video clips that I many use in my final draft.


Interview about fitness on campus-

Title page- Getting Fit at Washington State University

Begin with wide shot of the university recreation- no sound, upbeat music playing in the background. Keep on this angle for about 10 sec

Fade to the inside of the rec, show the cardio section- no sound, same music playing for about 10 seconds.

Fade to interview with someone inside- what they typically do, why they enjoy working out, how the rec has helped them stay in shape. Should be about 20-30 sec

fade- dissolve 

Show shots around campus- music playing again, show soccer fields, chinook gym, end on martin stadium about 15 sec

Jump into martin stadium

inside the stadium- music still playing and someone running the stairs- about 5 sec

Close up on shoes and body going up the stairs for about 5 sec

Cut to interview- ask what inspires you to workout, what places are helpful when trying to workout, why u chose to run the stairs 20-30 sec

Fade back to shots

End with shots for students walking around campus- end of the same music, should be about 10 sec

Ending title: Filmed by Taylor Leverett