For this project I decided to create a series of interviews about fitness. I decided to focus on college students and how they stay fit at the university. I wanted to get opinions on the difficulties, struggles, and challenges college students go through. I also wanted to touch on the perks of working out throughout college. This subject related to my overall blog based on the fitness aspect with an emphasis on college students. I was inspired by the tutorial we did in class. The Edward R Murrow interview was very interesting and a great idea for a project design. I have always been very conversational and found this idea to fit my personality and strengths well. I also used sound clips from other sights in order to focus more on my topic, and not just the interview itself. I included a clip of weights clanking at the beginning to introduce myself and start the interview.  In my first audio draft, I had a simple question and answer format to cover my topic. After receiving feedback from my TA and peers, I made many edits to my original post. It was important for me to have very relevant and personal questions in my interview. I wanted to make people think before they answered. I also wanted numerous opinions on my questions to have a wide variety. Most feedback from my peers included adding more detail, using different tools, and improving the quality of my clips. Taking this into consideration, I added unique sounds to my project and I also improved the quality of my sound clips by removing any unwanted noise. I made sure to use the same recording system for my project, and made sure to use headphones to eliminate any outside noise. I started by recording my own voice, making sure I had proper questions that anyone could answer. I then selected three random people to answer each question to the best of their ability. I cut the clips down to eliminate filler sounds, and make the clips sound smooth. I began my project by creating a new multitrack. I then placed each mp3 file in this track system and placed them in the correct order. I then cut the media down to eliminate filler sounds. I then created a fade sound effect to the opening sound, to begin my interview. I individually adjusted the volume of each clip, to make sure it fit with the rest of the tracks and also did not reach the red level of volume. I also added in keyframes to adjust the volume at points where my voice peaked and was louder than the rest of the track. I did not struggle with doing this project as much as others, but getting the correct amount clip when using the cut took was difficult. For anyone who struggles with this, I would suggest using the zoom in tool, so you can view each clip easier and make better cuts. Or using the move tool to move the track in or out, when you need it to be precise.

I used this sight to get the weights clanking for the beginning of my project: