For this project draft I have decided to create a series of interviews about fitness. I have decided to focus on college students and how they stay fit at the university. I wanted to get opinions on the difficulties, struggles, and challenges college students go through. I also wanted to touch on the perks of working out throughout college. This subject relates to my overall blog based on the fitness aspect with an emphasis on college students. I was inspired by the tutorial we did last week in class. I think that doing an interview with multiple opinions is a very powerful form of media. By having this example and my own form of work from the previous week, I did not need any outside sources or ideas for my topic. I had a specific idea in mind and knew what I wanted to do in my interview. It was important for me to have very relevant and personal questions in my interview. I wanted to make people think before they answered. I also wanted numerous opinions on my questions to have a wide variety. While no where near complete, I want to add in more commentary from people, as well as a beginning into to explain why the interview is taking place. I began my project my using the same recording system, and making sure to use headphones to eliminate any outside noise. I started by recording my own voice, making sure I had proper questions that anyone could answer. I then selected three random people to answer each question to the best of their ability. I cut the clips down to eliminate filler sounds, and make the clip sound smooth. I began my project by creating a new multitrack. I then placed each mp3 file in this track system and placed them in the correct order. I then cut the media down to eliminate most filler sounds, but this are still needs work. I did not struggle with doing this project as much as others, but getting the correct amount clip when using the cut took was difficult. For anyone who struggles with this, I would suggest using the zoom in tool, so you can view each clip easier and make better cuts.