For the final logo design project I decided to create an event in the state of Washington, promoting college fitness. My topic for the course is fitness, and being a college student myself I created an event for college students all over the state. I wanted to target college students going through the same fitness struggle I am, and I wanted to offer a solution. By creating a fitness event campus wide and a design for it, I hope to eliminate the fear of the “freshman fifteen”. For my logo, I wanted a simple design that could be recognized easy, and was easy to like. I really enjoyed the tutorial I created weeks earlier, so that was the basis for starting my logo. I used mostly green for the colors, because our state is known for its many different shades of green. I looked up many different sporting events when researching for my logo. The general consensus was a similar design and colorful images. I wanted to focus on my own state, using the outline of Washington and schools I know within it. I used the colored dots to represent each university based on their own school color and location. When laying out the design for my logo, I focused on balance, and a brand that could be mass produced. I began by using the state of Washington as the center point of the logo. Once my text was added and centered over the state, I incorporated the dashed lines to even out the circle and balance the logo overall. I made sure that everything within the circle was center and did not distract from the text above. I kept the image simple by having all the text above the image, so that it is easy to recognize and individuals could know what it was just by seeing it.

All the elements in my logo were my own except for the outline of Washington state. This image I got from Pinterest and used the pen tool to trace. After I had the outline of the state, I began adding the detail to my project. I started by creating two circles around the state, one just a tiny bit bigger than the other. After I had both circles placed, I used the type on a path tool to put in the name of the event. I changed the type and size of this font, and then centered it by going to object > transform > rotate. I then took the second outer circle, held down shift, and expanded it to cover 1/2 of the text I had just created. With the circle selected, I went to the stroke panel and changed the width to 30. I then changed the dash length to 12 to create a gap between the new line. I then used the scissors tool and selected two points on both sides of the dash so that it stopped right before the words. Selecting the top half I hit delete, and had the perfect look I wanted. I then made sure to make all aspects of my image proportional by going to object > expand and making sure all aspects were selected before hitting ok. I then changed the color of the lines to a light green to contrast the gradient used on the Washington state outline. I finally adjusted the width and color of the third line by first using stroke and then adjusting the color to a dark green to contrast the other shades of green within the image. Within the Washington State outline, I used a green gradient, and then used the elipse tool to create circles to represent the universities. Each color, is the school color for that university. I used the text tool and matched the size and type of the name of the event to write, 2017, under the state. I struggled a lot with the type on a path tool. More specifically moving it and making it center. I had to use the shortcut above, and was unable to simple drag it over using the anchor. Anyone who struggles doing this, I would suggest using the shortcuts because they are easier to do and have the same outcome. I also struggled with the stroke tool, more specifically the dashes. It was difficult to get the right look for the dashed lines and it took me many different tries to get the right thickness. My suggestion for those who struggle with this is to continue to add 1 until you get the look you want. Do not jump between sizes as it makes it hard to go back and find the right look. Overall this project was very difficult and time consuming but I am very happy with the outcome of my logo.

Baylee Bamford

Pinterest link used for outline of Washington State.