For my draft I decided to design a logo for an event that could possibly be used for a shirt, or for the advertisement of the event itself. With my topic being fitness, I found it easy to create a fitness event that could possibly benefit college students all across Washington. I wanted to target college students for this project, as it is easy for me to connect with them on a personal level when it comes to healthy habits. Being in college, it is difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. By creating a state wide competition or event between the big universities, it will cause nation wide spread and hopefully get more college students in better shape. Eliminating the fear of the “Freshman fifteen” theory. I researched many different fitness logos and events, and all the designs were very simple and to the point. I wanted to capture the simplicity of these by keeping my colors, text, and shapes all very similar and important. I also made sure to keep the text all the same but change the size depending on spacing and location of the words. Each college is represented by its school colors, and is identified underneath to allow the viewer to know which colleges are involved. The lines connecting them are to show the unity within the state, and the connection behind these four unique schools. The name of the event is very simple and easy to understand, and reaches out to all of Washington state to spread awareness to the masses. I decided to outline the state with the name of the event, as it is the most significant part but should also interact with the rest of the design. I used a negative space for my image, by placing the text mostly to one side of the image, I drew attention to it, but did not distract from the rest of the logo. I also kept it simple so that it could be mass produced, and was easy to recognize as I would want the event to take off nation wide. It is also very unique, and there not been another event like this in the state to create a logo anything like mine. I also made sure to keep the text clear and easy to read, as it is the most valuable source of information in the image to broadcast the event.

I collected the outline of the State from Pinterest (link posted below) and began editing. I began by placing the image on a new layer by going to file place, and holding down the shift I sized the image to fit the blank sheet. I then locked that layer, and created a new blank one above it. Using the pen tool, I outlined the shape of the state as best as I could. I made sure to keep the default color and settings so that I could still see the shape even after I was finished tracing with the pen tool. I then filled in the shape with the color I saw fit (green is a good representation of our state with all the natural beauty), and hid the original photo layer in the layers panel by deselecting the eyeball icon. I then used the text tool to add in the logo name. I changed the size and text style by selecting type in the toolbar. Once I had the correct size, type, and wording, I used the move tool to place the words in the correct and most efficient location. I then used the ellipse tool to create the circles in the locations of the campuses across the state. I changed the fill color in the main toolbar to match the school colors for each university. I then used the text tool again the the same process to label each university. Once all of these steps were complete, I decided to add a little extra to the background color by using a gradient. I selected the background, selected the gradient box under the list of fill colors and adjusted the gradient to how I wanted it. I then double clicked on the boxes under the arrows that control the levels, and changed the colors to a light a dark green to have a progression of colors throughout. This increased the level of difficulty, but it also improved the overall flow and look of the image. I struggled with the pen tool and the gradient tool very much throughout this draft. The pen tool was very touchy and was hard to get a decent line that followed the outline of the shape exactly. I would suggest to others when using this tool to go slow and be cautious of where you are dropping the dots to mark the shape. It is very hard but can be done if you just take your time. With the gradient tool, it was very hard to get an exact color and look that I wanted. Even after adjusting the color levels, it was hard to get the right blend. My suggestion to others when using this technique is to focus on getting a good flow between colors before adjusting the layers and shades between them. Overall, it was very easy for me to do my logo because I wanted it to be simple and easy for someone to recognize.

Baylee Bamford

Pinterest link used for outline of Washington State.