Final draft project 1.jpgMy initial draft of this project was a great start, but it did not cover everything I wanted to include in my project. I had a lot of the general images and information completed, however to make a brochure I needed more information about the ideas being presented in each image. To edit my rough draft to finalize it, I added more text. I used the text tool to describe each location and how it relates to fitness. I then used the box tool to create a colored background on the text and added a white box to make to pop against the other text and the images. When given feedback, the biggest and most important ideas were to make it more like a brochure and make my title fit what I was explaining. I made the tittle bigger and more simple so that it really brought attention to my whole idea. I also tried to make the size of each image more similar to overlap with all three images to create a better proximity between the images.With the text, I added more general information to match the idea of a brochure better, as the whole idea of the project was to highlight activities on campus used to keep in shape. I decided to keep my background image the same, because the campus and college students was what I wanted to target, not just the gym. The basic idea behind my design was to keep it simple and easy for all students to follow. I kept the colors all the same, and all related to school colors on campus. I made the image descriptions smaller than the titles of the images because I wanted to draw the attention to each before you read what each one was about. All the images were my own, and I kept it specialized to the things I do on campus to keep in shape. While there are plenty more options, these are the most easy ways I could think to help all college students get in shape. I basically kept my original design because I thought it was a great start, but I did add more just to make it more effective and to give it a stronger impact. I began this process with original photos taken by me throughout the week, basically whenever I was working out. With that, I began my project, taking the campus picture as my main background and adding in my three separate images using the place emblem tool. One each image was on the background image, I added text using the text tool, and the box marquee tool to add a fill color for each. I also created a title using these tools, and one each was finished I added boarders to the descriptive text, images, and title. I did this by going to layer > layer style > stroke. I adjusted my settings to 20 px, went to drop shadow, and changed the percent to 35% and made sure the color was white. Once this was done I hit ok for each, creating a nice boarder to each image. I then went to edit > transform > and rotate, to edit each image and rotate them to get some interest and more creative style behind my design. Once these things were complete I made sure to adjust the brightness and hue/saturation of my image to make sure it was perfect for what I wanted to say. After all of this was complete, and after evaluating my final draft, I have decided that I have created a brochure to explain different places on campus students can go to get in shape. Which was my overall goal of this project all along.