graphic design draft.jpgFor this unit 1 project I decided to create a brochure advertising all the different types of workouts the typical college student could do. My project would be the cover, and within the brochure it would explain each picture and how they relate to a typical college student, much like myself. For this blog, I wanted to focus on my fitness journey in college and how anyone can workout and be fit while dealing with school, work, and social events. I focused specifically on the things I do to stay in shape, and how they are offered and can be done by any college student. I was inspired by pinterest posts on physical activity and in home workouts that are simple and easy to do. The three images I collected are all things that anyone can do, and are offered to all college students university wide. I researched many different kinds of workouts that anyone could do at home and included them with a set of personal hand weights anyone can purchase. I chose the campus as my background image because I specifically wanted to target students in college, to reflect my own self journey. The other three images used are all things I personally do on a weekly basis to stay in shape. I currently attend the university recreation center 4-5 days a week and workout for 1-2 hours. I always begin with cardio, usually starting on the track with a jog. I included this image because walking and running is a very easy way to lose weight and tone your body. I also pay for university recreational classes, more specifically hot yoga two times a week. For twenty dollars I received three months of classes twice a week, each session lasting one hour. I decided to take this class to increase my flexibility and improve my core. These types of classes are great for students who want to go the extra mile and actually be given a set workout, instead of building their own at the gym. The final image I included is what I refer to as my “booty jar”. It is a jar filled with workouts I can complete at home, and every night I draw out three different workouts and complete them before going to sleep. Whether it be squats, bicep curls, or crunches, the jar includes a variety of easy and simple activities anyone could do. When constructing my project I wanted to focus on proximity of my images as well as similarity, text, and color. When looking at the proximity of my images I made sure to keep my images all close together and at one half of the image so they are the main focus of the piece. I then attempted to keep them at a similar size and shape to have them appear as if they all belonged together and made sense with the other images. I then focused on the colors and the text aspect of my project, making sure to use contrasting colors and strong text to show what my project was all about.

I collected these images throughout my week, taking pictures every time I worked out. Whether I was walking on campus, at the gym, or in my bedroom I saw opportunities to capture images of things important to me and my routine when working out. I began constructing my project by taking the base layer and adjusting the lighting, hue/saturation, and the layers. I then added in my individual photos and began editing each on individually by layer. I took each and adjusted the brightness, and hue/saturation so each had a bright and colorful appearance. I then added borders to each of the individual images by using layer, and then stroke and drop shadow to create a nice white border for each image. I continued my project by adding captions to each photo, using the rectangle tool and creating boxes for each of the three images. I chose to use a crimson fill color to reflect my own school colors, and placed them on each image to explain what each image was. I followed this step by using the text tool and wrote the description for each image. Once I completed the text for each image I used the move tool to place them over the crimson boxes and used a white color for contrast with the light background and dark colored boxes. While I did not have many issues constructing my project, I did struggle with the order of the layers and making sure I was editing the correct one. It was also very difficult to resize my images to make sure they were clear and visible but did not overlap with one another. Unfortunately, while I was able to resize them down eventually, there was no way to avoid overlap and tell what the images were reflecting. For anyone else who struggles with these steps, my best advice is to take a deep breath, calm down and focus on one thing at a time. Trying to do multiple edits can get confusing and causes error.