I have decided to blog about my personal fitness journey, following the steps to a happy and successful life. I picked this topic because it is something very important to me, and is something I want to focus on throughout my life. I believe that being healthy and active enforces a happy state of mind and can give you all the necessary joys out of life. I plan on collecting original material by attending physical education classes, speaking with personal trainers, talking to local students who work out weekly, as well as following my own workout and meal plans and how I improve my lifestyle in a positive way.

For my research I plan on communicating with many outside sources to not only discuss fitness techniques, but the effect they can have on an individual. For the audio story unit, I intend to speak with personal trainers here on campus, as well as students who participate in physical activity on a weekly basis. I want to reach out to all types of fitness from yoga to crossfit to explain how each type of activity effects a different part of the body and mind. For the video portion of the class, I plan on interviewing students on campus, and also focusing on my transformation from the beginning of the semester until the end. I intend to tell a story of how getting into shape and eating healthy can improve your self-worth and overall create a happy attitude towards life.




The first link I attached to this post involves the positive effects working out can have in all aspects of your life. Whether it be stress, improving your self image, or just enjoying life, physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle can impact all of these things greatly. My personal favorite is using exercise to reduce stress in school, I attend the gym 4 times a week to help me sleep better and get better grades on my assignments.

The second link I attached is an article found on pinterest, which lists 50 ways to live a healthy lifestyle. You do not always need to workout in order to be healthy. This link provides lifestyle changes in everyday life that improves positivity and overall well being. My favorite example from this link is number 38, Dance often. Dancing is the perfect way to not only improve overall happiness but it is something you do not have to be good at to do. Sleeping more and drinking lots of water are also very important to a healthy lifestyle.

The last link I decided to include in this post was a list of workouts you can complete at home. Most people now a days think you need a gym membership in  order to exercise. This is a false assumption and I think it is important to highlight the things you can do at home to improve your body image and again live a healthier life. I think it is very important to carry over healthy habits into your home life. Even if you go to the gym every day, if you do not follow the other steps listed in the previous links, you are not actually helping your body. It all relates and balances each other, which is why it is so important to follow all steps not just some. I personally enjoy doing squats in my free time at home, lifting dumbbells while watching television, and occasionally doing crunches if I have not worked out that day.

The most important thing to remember is to do what is comfortable to you. Do not push to hard because injuries can occur. It is all based on you personally and what you can do with that ability. It takes time and effort to improve your body image and even longer to have the confidence to show it off, but everything takes time and in the end you are happier and will live a longer, and in my opinion, a better life.

I plan on posting picture updates with my progress as well as new food options, workouts, and ways I have been improving myself personally.